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Images you wish to upload here must be in a compressed format, accepted formats are jpeg/jpg gif and png. Bitmap[bmp] files are NOT accepted. Windows XP users can use the paint program to convert files. Or an image program such as Irfanview can be used.
Filesize is a measurement of how much data a file contains. Images you wish to upload here must be smaller then 1 Megabyte. You can find the filesize by right clicking the file in Windows and picking properties.
File extensions allowed: jpg, jpeg, gif, and png.

Maximum filesize: 1 Megabyte (1,024,000 bytes)

Choose a file to upload:

Store in private folder?
This will store the image in a folder that is hidden from public view, if you select this setting please remember the link to the image as you will not be able to find it again!

Image hosting is for RoE players/uses only, non-RoE related images will be removed. Images are also subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

Uploader's IP address is stored.

Notice: If you have any problems
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