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Rubies of Eventide Links and Resources:
The one, the only, the official 'Rubies of Eventide' website. Support Helpdesk
Stuck, Unable to get the game to run? Having troubles with a possible bug? Have an account issue? Well you've found the right place! The official help and support site for Rubies of Eventide, manned by the volunteer staff of Sages, GMs, and Developers. Have a question? Leave a ticket and Sage, GM, or Developer will answer, depending on severity and department its submitted to. **Please be patient, the support site, and the entire game for that matter, is manned by volunteers. Forums
The official 'Rubies of Eventide' forums.

RoE-Wiki: The RoE Encylcopedia
A RoE Encyclopedia project hosted by Rubies Square.

Thank you everyone for your help, support, and contributions :) - Its VERY aperciated.

Useful RoE Datasheets
A list of useful information pages, datasheets, calculators, other fansites and various other things. Compiled by Cynebeald.

Rubies of Eventide Game Manual
The Rubies of Eventide Online Manual.

Beginners Guide to Rubies of Eventide
Nice site, with some information to help people get started in the world of Rubies of Eventide. [Deprecated: Site no longer seems to exist.]

Rubies of Eventide - A Player's Guide
A nice Rubies of Eventide fansite by an RoE player, Dregnor.

Rubies of Eventide Warcry
A Rubies of Eventide information database. Under new Management - Korax
XoR's Site, including a Beastiary, Some cool RoE movies, and a Vormis Language Translator [Deprecated: Site no longer seems to exist. :( XoR where are yoooooooooooooooou?]

Life of Pookie!
Pookie's Awesome RoE Tribute site :) - Goooooo Pooooooooookie!!!! ***Gnomes NOT Food***

Rubies of Eventide @; Sam's newly created project to replace the outdated RoE Warcry site. Includes a database for infmoration all about the game, updated by players, and articles written by players.

RoE Webchat
Official RoE Webchat applet at
RoE Webchat using PJIRC applet hosted by Rubies Square
Rubies of Eventide IRC Webchat, chat with other players, ask for help if you need it, talk to a GM if you need to, or just hang out. If you have an IRC client you can connect via channel #rubies - if you don't know what an IRC client is, just click the link :)
***Note: Please be patient, chances are it may takes several minutes before someone replies, people may be busy, or away from keyboard, etc.
Drusek's Rubies of Eventide spoiler site.

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