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Tools and other useful Resources:

System Requirements Checker v1.0
Check if your computer can run Rubies of Eventide!

A simple tool which lets you enter a little information about your computer, and see an estimated performance of each item and displays a color indicator. Also tells you how to find the information needed.

Web Based Character Builder **Offsite link!**
Create and test your character ideas.

A web based clone of the ever-popular, ever-useful character builder that comes with the game, charbuilder.exe, located in the Rubies of Eventide install directory.

Rubies of Eventide Server Status
An idicator of the status of the Rubies of Eventide game servers.

A simple script to check the status of the Rubies of Eventide game server's ports, login server's port, and the forums server's port. Note: This script only shows if the port is open on the game servers, the server may STILL BE CRASHED BUT ACCEPT CONNECTIONS AND SHOW AS ONLINE. For the most accurate information you can ask in the Rubies of Eventide IRC live chat, if you have an irc client the server is channel #rubies, if you don't have an IRC client or don't know what one is, you can simply click here: RoE Webchat ***Note: Please be patient, chances are it may takes several minutes before someone replies, people may be busy, or away from keyboard, etc.

InGame Time Display
View the current time in each of the servers of Rubies of Eventide!

A simple script someone made long ago to show the time within vormis, modified by me to show the time on all four servers, and put in sync with the time of each server. Now you can check if its troll time before you login!