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The following error occured when loading the page:
Unable to connect to database server. Extended Features will be unavailable.

The following page reports weither the server is accepting connections, please note HOWEVER, that a server may be 'stuck' and still accept connections but hang on entering game world.
Status is NOT 100% accurate, use this only as an indicator for the reason stated above.
You may click 'report' to add a timed notification to this page if a particular server is having problems.
Login server port:CLOSED Login (Used to verify accounts)  
Phoenix server port:CLOSED Phoenix [General Play] Report
Pegasus server port:OFFLINE Pegasus [General Play] - Offline Indefinately Report
Fireopals server port:CLOSED Fireopals [Roleplay] Report
Nemesis server port:CLOSED Nemesis [PVP] [Open Beta Server] Report
Forum server port:CLOSED Rubies of Eventide Forums  

Status is current.