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First off, Create an account; By going to, click on Enter HTML, then

1. Click the 'Game Accounts' selection on the menu.
2. Click the 'Create' button;
2a. Fill out and submit the form.
3. Click 'Download' and pick a mirror to download from.
4. Find and click the link to download the game from the download mirror you selected. (Some may start immediatly and some may require additional steps.)
5. On the Dialog that comes up, select save or save as;
5a. Find a folder to save it to....
6. Time to wait for the download, go get a pizza maybe...
7. Run the installer... and it will verify itself..
8. Once its verified itself you can get started...
9. Tell it where to install too...  Having Trouble? Click here.
10. Sit back and wait while it installs....
11. Now.... run the game, wait for it to see if theres a patch. Then click the 'Play Rubies of Eventide' button...
12. Upon loading you will see the login screen, but, hold your horses, we need to do some configuring first...
13. Click options and you'll be at the video options...
14. Select a Resolution and color depth, the game is hard to play at any lower then 1024x768, so you should not go below that unless you have to, and a 16 bit color depth will run better and chances are you won't notice a difference between it and 32 bit.
15. Then Select the Model Settings, followed by the World Settings and be sure to turn off 'zone precaching', and turn off 'vsync', and then change the settings with the tree and grass models, then you can adjust the special effects to your liking.
16. Once you have configured your settings to suit your computer, click 'Accept', note I have a 1.5ghz with 512 ram, and a 64 mb video card and my game runs ok with the settings in the pics, yours could be higher or lower depending on how fast your pc is.
17. Don't Worry, We're almost done... You should be back at the login screen, enter you account name and password and click login.
18. Now, you need to pick a server, note when you make an character, its only on that server, it will not be on the others...
19. Once you've chosen a server... Click 'Create' to make a new character...Which will bring you to the screen to make you characters name, and hair style and color, race and sex, as well as thier face.
20. Once you have thier pysical options set, move on to the, screen to pick thier class and any specializations. Next you can use the developemental points you were given to give your character some skills.
21. Finally! Click accept to return to the character screen, select your character, click enter game, and PLAY!